California Capital Airshow

This year marked a 100 year anniversary of the Mather Field.  If you were not there, here is a link to the site for more information  on the event.  California Capital Airshow

I also want to welcome those folks I met at the airshow. Welcome to my Blog.

I hope everyone enjoys some of the photos I took.

I purchased a new lens for this event, and as a reward to my self for loosing 5% of my body weight. My diet journey is ongoing as is my journey as a amateur photographer. This lens was harder to work with. I expected I may have some issued, but the speed of the planes made it hard to take pictures of some of the more modern ones. The lens is a 200mm to 600mm zoom. It is going to be spectacular for wildlife.

So enjoy some of the preliminary photos. All of these are being posted with no edits, or cropping. I will pick out some for “special” treatment later. And of course always take suggestions on ones I post that may profit from some editing.



April 2018 Visit to FILOLI

Filoli (pronounced “Fie-low-lee”) was built for Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers Bourn II, prominent San Franciscans at the turn of the twentieth century. Mr. Bourn arrived at the unusual name Filoli by combining the first two letters from the key words of his personal credo: “FIght for a just cause; LOve your fellow man; LIve a good life.” (

The garden and grounds are beautiful. I have only gone in the spring, so I can not speak for the summer flowers. This year we just missed peak on the tulips. There was still some in pots that were in bloom.

The other flower in bloom is the wisteria. I love this vine. It is huge here. The whole back side of the house is covered. There are 3 shades. A dark purple, a lighter purple and white. The bees were dancing with each other as they hunted up the flowers that had not yet been drank from. I know one is the European honey bee, I don’t know the larger one. She was huge, and very loud as she flew among the flowers.

Here are a few of the other pictures I took. As a side note, none of the pictures have been edited in any way, so a few can benefit with cropping.

2018 California State Fair Submissions

I will be submitting some or all of the following pictures. I would love to get feedback on ones you think are the best, or maybe could use some help with editing.

Finding the proper categories to submit the pictures in is also difficult. Anywhere you see 2 listed is where I am trying to determine what to submit under.

Division 28 – Architecture

  • Class 3 – Monuments
  • Class 5 – Urban Buildings
To hold faith in your fingers

The Carmel Mission is  lovely location with lots of small things to capture. The altar is not so small, but with a crystal ball it seems to miniaturize so that it is easily grasped. When I first showed this picture I had feedback that the original orientation was distressing to some.

Division 29 – Black & White

  • Class 6 – Still Life
What does the future behold?

This is my first Black & White. The crystal ball is actually quite large, and heavy. I was experimenting with candles and silver cups. The color version is pretty, but this was just more dramatic for me. I admit I thought of Harry Potter in divination class when I was doing this series of photos.

Division 25 – Abstract/surreal

  • Class 3 – Non-Digitally Manipulated
Purple storm
A storm approaches

I am rather happy with the color of the crystal in this. I did not edit the color in. it was created with the use of LED candles and a real candle. The tea set in the background is an old set my mother gave me. It is quite tarnished but it creates a lovely reflection of the candles.

Division 33 – Food

  • Class 2 – Tablescape
  • Class 3 – Any Other
Tarnished Treasures
Tarnished Treasures

My tarnished treasures. When I polish them up I will be taking another series to show the difference. I am not sure if this would be considered table scape or something else. It isn’t food.

Division 38 – Transportation

  • Class 3 – Sea
Lady Surfer
Lady Surfer

This was taken in Monterey. I have another of her profile. I am unsure of the rules when it comes to people. Since she can not be identified I don’t know if I can use this. I will be looking in to that.

Division 37 – People

  • Class 1 Children/Family
Boy to Man to Boy
Boy to Man ; Adult to Child

This father and son were walking along the beach. I loved the image of just their legs. walking together, yet apart. One in the safety and calm of the waters edge; the other splashing in the waves. Adult and child.

Division 35 – Life in California

  • Class 2 – CA Landscape

Division 34 – Landscapes

  • Class 4 – Waterscape