Christmas 2017

I have been going to the coast of California now for Christmas for about 6 years. The last 2 years We have stayed at Asilomar in Pacific Grove. It is a nice location. A bit rustic. There is no phone in the room, if you need the front desk you have to go outside to the phone on the building. The rooms have no TVs. and the one we are in has a fireplace. Previously they use to supply wood for the fireplace, now they are supplying these little bags that look like burlap, with some pieces of wood in them. They burn about 30 min is you are lucky. I wish they at least sold wood if you wanted it, but there are grocery stores in the area that do sell wood, so I can still have a nice fire.

As I am still very much an amateur when it comes to photography I find that my limited time available at a location does not always capture the location well. The light tends to be maybe too much, or the direction of the item I am trying to catch is towards the sun, and then my pictures are all washed out. Some of the pictures can be saved with editing, but others are a total “loss”.  Although the picture may not be great, I still am happy to have been out there taking those pictures.

This year I have been experimenting with a crystal ball. It is a smallish one.  It is 70 mm, just under 3 inches in diameter.  The perspective you can get from these is fun to play with.  But there is a learning curve on how to hold it, where to hold it, or even where to set it down.  Then how far from the focal point or subject and how far from the camera itself.  Of course some of this is very subjective, but also lots of fun to try things out.

I hope you like the collection of photos from this Christmas. I have not edited these first few. I know editing can enhance a photo, and make it really pop, but I have to admit I tend to like mine more before. Of course it could be I am just not the greatest at doing those edits.