California Capital Airshow

This year marked a 100 year anniversary of the Mather Field.  If you were not there, here is a link to the site for more information  on the event.  California Capital Airshow

I also want to welcome those folks I met at the airshow. Welcome to my Blog.

I hope everyone enjoys some of the photos I took.

I purchased a new lens for this event, and as a reward to my self for loosing 5% of my body weight. My diet journey is ongoing as is my journey as a amateur photographer. This lens was harder to work with. I expected I may have some issued, but the speed of the planes made it hard to take pictures of some of the more modern ones. The lens is a 200mm to 600mm zoom. It is going to be spectacular for wildlife.

So enjoy some of the preliminary photos. All of these are being posted with no edits, or cropping. I will pick out some for “special” treatment later. And of course always take suggestions on ones I post that may profit from some editing.



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