Reggae on the River


These 3 kids were a blast to watch. I finally had to go over and ask their mom if I could take their picture. This was the one I thought was the most fun. I just did a very slight rotate and cropped the picture from the original I think it looks very good. I am hoping their mom remembers the web address I gave her so I can send these pictures to her.

I was so fascinated by this woman’s hand, and the smoke that just drifted from it. I took a bunch of pictures trying to capture the mystery of it. I have just cropped this picture.

This young lady was very happy to pose for pictures. She was a very colorful personality as  well. I adjusted the rotation a bit on this, cropped and did some small adjustments to the contrast and brightness.

The moon over the event was just a sliver. A star was almost directly over it. It was not easy to catch, and get any of the stage in the picture. The lights washed things out a bit. I have just done a slight rotation and cropped the picture to better show the moon.

These are just a few of the pictures. I included the original picture and the edit. I would love to hear thoughts on the edits.

Thanks and have a good week.


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