Weekend in the Woods

Over the last weekend I spent time in the Redwoods. I went to Richardson’s Grove State Park to go to Reggae on the River. I ended up spending much more time taking pictures of the woods then going to the shows. And I am just as happy for it. I did some “tests” while there to try to help myself take better pictures in a forested environment.

Test photo order:

  1. Av = aperture
  2. Tv = shutter
  3. A+ = auto
  4. CA = creative auto

Results: AV takes a brighter picture during the day in an indirect lit location. Such as the woods. The next best may have been the CA and A+ both of which will activate the flash.

AV setting:

Av setting

TV Setting:

TV setting

A+ Setting:

A plus setting

CA Setting:

CA setting

The pictures are not all exactly the same because I was doing this experiment without a tripod.

I am finding myself using the AV setting primarily when I am taking any pictures. Especially pictures I do not wish to use a flash with. I do like how a flash can light the subject, but I am finding some of the pictures I am trying for are trying to get the natural glow of the sun through a leaf, or fire among the coals of a fire.

I also tend to not use flash when taking pictures of animals or in public of people. Unless I specifically am taking pictures of someone for them I tend to try to be as minimally invasive as possible. When dealing with animals I don’t want to stress the animals out or startling them.


These pictures were all taken at Richardson Grove State Park, from 8/4 – 8/8.

Canon Rebel 5Ti

Lenses: Canon zoom EF 75-300 mm w/ UV filter

Canon EFS 18-55 mm w/ UV filter


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