sunset on treasure island
Sunset from Treasure Island

I have enjoyed photography most of my life. 35mm was just so expensive in the day. The cameras, film, developing and so on. The advent of digital gave me more options. The small “tourist” camera like the cannon elf was affordable and gave a pretty good picture for the time. Then cell phones got better. Now I could use my phone, which I already carried, to take pictures when I went somewhere. This worked for a while.

This year I decided I wanted to take better pictures. I wanted to get back to the feel of the 35mm camera. To be able to change lenses to suit the type of picture, environment or my mood.

This moved me to the Canon rebel T5i. I purchased a kit from amazon. This came with the camera body w/ strap, 18-55mm lens and a 75-300 mm lens. I purchases a 50mm lens separately. The kit came with a couple of filters, tripod, bag, batteries and SD cards.

Originally I posted my first week with my new camera on my gardening blog. (which you can see here). I have not continued to post. I wasn’t really happy with the format of the photo posts. The theme I use on my gardening blog works well for there, but is not great for doing photo albums and primarily posting pictures with some descriptions.

So here we are. I purchased a domain that I felt could follow me no matter what I did with photography.

I am slowly getting into photo editing as well. I am less interested in making a “fake” photo. I want to use these programs to enhance my photography with white balance, focus, sharpness and those type of things.

I have been playing with Photoshop express. This is defiantly geared towards doing changes in a pre-defined manner. I also have a program called Gimp 2. This has been very intimidating for me to start using, but I am determined I will.

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